The Auburn Public Art Trail is a self-guided art walk through Downtown Auburn that highlights over a dozen public art pieces, including signature community mosaics, murals, and sculptures. Most of the artwork is highly visible and fully accessible to the public, and by pulling the individual pieces together into a walking trail we also want to put the spotlight on the stories behind the artwork and the artists who created them.

A print map, as well as a GPS-enabled online map with photos and video segments, will guide you from one amazing piece to the next. At each location, you have the opportunity to read about or listen to the artists and their stories. This self-guided walking tour gives you another reason to come and experience Downtown Auburn!

Why a Trail?

Public art is nice to look at, but often we don’t know who created it and why. We might be intrigued by a piece we see and want to find out more about the artist, but we don’t know where and how. So, we walk by and it soon fades from our memory. The Auburn Public Art Trail aims to change that.

Technically, the public artwork we have in Downtown Auburn is already accessible to all who notice it. However, we specifically wanted to draw attention to it and create a trail that shows that there are many more art pieces to enjoy and learn about. We wanted to give you the opportunity to find out the history behind those pieces, why they were created and by whom, and thereby encourage appreciation of and a connection to the artists, the artwork and the community that displays it.

You can slow down and walk through Downtown Auburn, see and experience the things that merely fly by through a car window – and that goes not only for the beautiful artwork, but also for our great shops and restaurants downtown.

By putting local artists and their work “on the map” we give them credit for their accomplishments and promote what they do. The goal is to foster an appreciation for local art among residents and visitors alike and encourage more public art displays in the future.

Auburn Public Art Trail Heading

Map Pick-Up Locations

Print maps may be picked up at the following locations during regular business hours:

  • Auburn Downtown BID, 128 Genesee Street
  • Auburn Memorial City Hall, 24 South Street
  • Cayuga County Office Building, 160 Genesee Street
  • Cayuga County Office of Tourism , 131 Genesee Street
  • Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce, 2 State Street

Downtown Auburn

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Thank You

This project is made possible through generous grant funding from the Columbian Foundation, as well as contributions and support from the Auburn Downtown BID, code_munkeys, and communicate THIS.